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11/20/2019 11:43 am  #1

Number boxes in StripChart

is there any option to get a number box into the StripChart?
Because often I like to analyse some data without losing sight of the live data.



11/20/2019 11:59 am  #2

Re: Number boxes in StripChart

Yes but it's actually a Windows feature. Just click the little double window box at the very top of your screen.


11/26/2019 12:26 pm  #3

Re: Number boxes in StripChart

Thanks Ernie, but when I'm right then I can just move the window box in the main window?!
It isn't possible to overlay to the strip chart.

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11/26/2019 1:05 pm  #4

Re: Number boxes in StripChart

No number boxes in Stripchart, although you do have the number at the right of each 


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