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10/23/2019 10:22 am  #1

C-Map 4D

I believe this is a CMAP issue but I am still waiting for them to respond after emailing them 2 days ago.
New laptop. Installed Exp.  Got new key from Nick, then went to download my maps and it says the device has already been registered by another user.
Brand new laptop so I can't believe that is the case but I don't also don't know what CMap uses to identify the device.
Anybody have an idea so when I speak to them I have a clue as to what to ask them?


10/23/2019 12:14 pm  #2

Re: C-Map 4D


Yes, it is a question for C-Map.


10/25/2019 9:44 am  #3

Re: C-Map 4D

So I finally got a warm body at C-Map.  They looked up my account found that the device ID from my new laptop was registered by someone recently in Australia.  Deleted it from their account and allowed me to have access to it again.  Which I suppose will work until the other person does the same to me.  

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