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9/25/2019 3:38 pm  #1

Send data to Garmin Virb?

I know this is only for fun, but I love systems working together. Apparently the Garmin Virb action cameras can take a datafeed over WiFi from a garmin chartplotter, and later superimpose that data over the video recording - so you get wind speed etc. also there is a start/stop function on the plotter.

I do wonder if this would be possible from Exp. again, I understand it’s not a real racing feature, but with YouTube videos from boats daily, this can be useful and fun. Have the start countdown on the screen!


10/18/2019 11:48 am  #2

Re: Send data to Garmin Virb?

No? Damn. I don’t want to buy a garmin chartplotter :/ but I guess there are more important things.

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10/19/2019 1:27 am  #3

Re: Send data to Garmin Virb?

I don't know anything about it sorry. Do you know if there is a specification etc?


10/19/2019 8:09 am  #4

Re: Send data to Garmin Virb?

I’ll ask Garmin. Also I can sniff the WiFi data and see if there is anything useful there.

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11/19/2019 11:10 am  #5

Re: Send data to Garmin Virb?

Let me answer some of this myself.

-there is an API for controlling the camera(s) over WiFi. While this is not particularly useful it can be handy. An option to start recording like 3 mins before a marker or start line, and stop afterwards, or at MOB, could be useful. A manual start or favorite recording button is less important as this can be achieved by a 30$ wireless remote. But if you’d implement something it would be cool.
One can also read the sensors from the unit, like gps, acceleration, gyro and altitude, but that doesn’t seem important here either.

-real time data injection in the video is not impossible but impractical. It can read ANT+ Sensors (https://www.thisisant.com/developer/ant-plus/ant-plus-basics/) And there are cheap USB ANT transmitters but it’s not seem to be implemented for custom data lines

-the camera saves the data’s in a .FIT file which is an interchange format (https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/FIT also there is an SDK here) which can be converted to CSV and back. I’ll look into getting some of the Expedition data here. These data lines can be burned on the video by Garmin’s VIRB editor, so this might answer my original question.

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12/01/2019 6:46 am  #6

Re: Send data to Garmin Virb?

Actually, having the camera turn record on at a mark and start line would be a very useful feature for us on longer races where we cannot have enough storage for 2 days. I’d love to have this as we need to improve our maneuvers and making sure the camera is rolling manually and not forgetting it on is always a challenge.

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