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3/20/2016 8:48 pm  #1

H3000 Loadcell sentence NMEA 0183

Used boat with an H3000 CPU. The H3000's NMEA 0183 OUT is connected to a Shipmodul Miniplex3-WI-N2K, which in turn is plugged into a USB port on the nav PC.

All the other instrument sensors are being output by the H3000 and passing throug the mux but I can't see anything resembling the load cell data. Does anyone know what 0183 sentence the H3000 has assigned to the H3000?

I haven't yet connected the PC to the H3000, but as the USB driver for Windows has a load error under Windows 10, I haven't beeen able to connect, amd I haven't resorted to getting a RS232 cable yet.


3/21/2016 11:35 am  #2

Re: H3000 Loadcell sentence NMEA 0183

I don't think you can get load cell data over NMEA 0183, unless it is in an XDR sentence.


3/21/2016 6:25 pm  #3

Re: H3000 Loadcell sentence NMEA 0183

Unfortunately the H3000 isn't outputting a XDR sentence.

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3/21/2016 6:32 pm  #4

Re: H3000 Loadcell sentence NMEA 0183

Yes, I don't think H3 sends anything like this over NMEA 0183.

​There isn't a USB driver available for 64 bit computers.


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