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7/21/2019 8:12 am  #1

AIS: Targets, Tracks, and Mapping to Boat

I raised this in the technical questions sub-forum a while ago, but wanted to put it here as a suggestion.

The ability to view AIS targets and draw their tracks is very useful, but in areas with a lot of targets the screen gets too busy. I just did a week long regatta in Newport - Narragansett  Bay, and there are a lot of boats out...

it would be great if there were an option to only draw the tracks of selected boats.., and maybe even to only display the target icon for selected boats.

i often map the AIS targets of  my competitors to Boats - and log them, so one possibility might be to provide an option to only display targets/tracks for AIS targets that are mapped to boats. 

I guess a potential problem with that approach is that you pretty much have to log all the boats you map, so your log files will get really big. If I understand correctly - the only logging option now is to log all boats and the only way to not log AIS targets mapped to boats would mean not logging your own boat too.., which nobody will do.

i think something could be worked out so that we don't have too many tracks drawn. 

another thing that would be useful would be a way to put a button in the quick access toolbar to turn AIS tracks and/or targets on and off. Now, because that check box is in Settings > Display, it can't be put on the toolbar, and it's kind of cumbersome to go to the check box

The format was "navigator" racing - basically 1-2hr races around government marks that are all over the place. looking at competitor's AIS is pretty important for this kind of racing, but i am sometimes turning those display options on and off every couple of minutes...

anyway an option to only display selected AIS targets and tracks would be great.

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7/21/2019 4:13 pm  #2

Re: AIS: Targets, Tracks, and Mapping to Boat

Have added a toggle button for that display setting to the instruments menu for the next update. You can easily add it to the QAT from there (eg by right-clicking on it).


7/22/2019 10:30 am  #3

Re: AIS: Targets, Tracks, and Mapping to Boat

Thanks - that will be helpful.

I do still think that it would be really great to have an option to only draw selected AIS tracks.

maybe also.., if the tracks drawn are of mapped boats.., they could be drawn in the color selected for the mapped boat in Settings > User

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7/22/2019 1:38 pm  #4

Re: AIS: Targets, Tracks, and Mapping to Boat

The other boats are drawn, so you don't need to draw any AIS to see them. I don't think the tracks are though.


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