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7/17/2019 12:28 pm  #1

Race tracking

I have downloaded the yb race tracking from transpac 2019 and entered ratings for a few selected boats. 

Which time zone do I have to use when entering the start times in the boat editor? The local time in the starting area (California time zone), the timezone of my system (i.e. Europe Daylight Time), UTC or the time that is used on the yb online tracker ( http://yb.tl/transpac2019# - HST time)

How - in detail - is the Cor time calculated?
I'm not successful getting the same times as shown in "corrected elapsed" on the yb Leaderbord.

Whats is iSOG and iCOG?
iSOG is very similar to SOG while iCOG differs quite a bit more than 10deg from COG.


7/17/2019 1:41 pm  #2

Re: Race tracking

It should be in the time zone used in Exp - local or UTC.

isog and icog are the instrument values. the sog and cog values are from the position differences.


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