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5/22/2019 4:31 am  #1

Exporting WP/Routes to B&G

Expedition on PC connected to B&G H5000 via Actisense USG-2 set to H-Link.
Baud rate 115200.
(Also, connected to from H5000 to PC via ethernet, for Websocket).
Getting GPS, wind etc from H5000 to Expedition so I know data is going in that direction.

However, I'm not sure how to export waypoints or routes from Expedition to the H5000 (assuming this gets pushed to the Zeus3 MFD?).
Under Marks>Export, I have the .gpx and .csv options but "Instruments" is not clickable.

I'm sure this answer is on the forum but I can't seem to find it so if this has been answered could someone point me in the right direction?

TLDR: Given the above interface, how is a route created in Expedition exported to a B&G system?

New to Expedition, appreciate the help.


5/22/2019 1:31 pm  #2

Re: Exporting WP/Routes to B&G

Generally it is recommended to just use the Websocket for communication with the H5000.

You mostly can't send routes back to the H5, but in the Exp Websocket settings, there are options to send nav and waypoint data to the H5. I think this isn't forwarded to the Zeus though - at least it hasn't in the past.


5/23/2019 4:13 am  #3

Re: Exporting WP/Routes to B&G

Ok, so if that's the case what's the preferred method?

Seems like the idea is that a route would be planned out on Expedition, then saved to an SD card, which then could be put into a Zeus MFD and uploaded?

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5/23/2019 1:08 pm  #4

Re: Exporting WP/Routes to B&G

Routes and marks can be exported over NMEA 2000, but support form plotters is mixed and some only accept data from their own hardware.

The GPX format is the standard for transferring such data. A lot of MFDs can import gpx data from SD etc card.


7/10/2019 7:18 pm  #5

Re: Exporting WP/Routes to B&G

Can anyone help me figure out how to transfer a route from my MapSource program on the computer to the Zumo 550 GPS? When I click on the send to device button in MapSource I only get the option for transferring a map. The check off options for routes, tracks and waypoints are greyed out. I want to be able to design routes on the computer and transfer them to the Zumo and not be limited to designing the routes on the GPS itself. Im worried that I got the wrong GPS> Help. Thanks.


7/12/2019 12:45 pm  #6

Re: Exporting WP/Routes to B&G

I think you are in the wrong forum.


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