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7/03/2019 2:19 am  #1

Changing from normal Exp to 4D


I currently have a "normal" Exp subscription but I want to change to 4D.
Do I need a new licence for this? 
And will there be any issues with specific files that could be lost (like polars, states, etc)
Or will installation just overwrite the old Exp program, like when you do an update?

Many Thanks



7/03/2019 9:28 am  #2

Re: Changing from normal Exp to 4D

You can have both installed.

Apart from C-Map, they use all the same data etc.


7/08/2019 12:26 pm  #3

Re: Changing from normal Exp to 4D

I do run into problems with the installation:

After intallation of the Maps Manager and The latest vesrsion of Exp 4d, I registered on the Cmap website (and activated the account via a link in an email).

Then went into Exp 4D and went to C-maps.
There were two options "My Maps" and "Store".
I went into "Store" and was asked for login and pass. Filled in the details of my new web subscribtion  but these were not recognised.

Restarted the computer, went back into Exp 4d and C-maps.
Now, still the options "My Maps" and "Store" are there, BUT, when you click on either of them, you just get a blank (white) window, with just the following warning on to:

C-MAP 4D - WARNING - Do not update WWD303 More Free Base Maps.
no further options, just a blank Window.

Am I doing something wrong?
I have not downloaded/ bought any charts yet.

Many thanks


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7/08/2019 12:55 pm  #4

Re: Changing from normal Exp to 4D

Sometimes it can take a few seconds for the browser window in the Expedition window to populate.

Make sure you have internet explorer installed.



7/09/2019 8:23 am  #5

Re: Changing from normal Exp to 4D

Next day trying, without changing anything: When I now hit "store" or "my maps", I get a script error: 

Line: 21
Char: 9
Error: 'attachEventListener is undentified'
Code: 0

By the way , I have Edge and IE 11 installed.
Made IE 11 default browser, but that dint help.

Any thoughts?
Many thanks, 


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7/09/2019 12:37 pm  #6

Re: Changing from normal Exp to 4D

That looks like a Javascript issue on your computer.

I did a Google search and found links such as - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19931600/internet-explorer-11-gives-script-error-in-pagerequestmanager-js

There was a similar thread a few years ago - http://expedition.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=384

In (almost?) any browser, you can also use these links

MyMaps -

Store -


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7/10/2019 10:54 am  #7

Re: Changing from normal Exp to 4D

Didn't get around the Java problem but the seperate links you provided worked very well.
Up and running now in "4D".

Many thanks for the great support!

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7/13/2019 6:27 am  #8

Re: Changing from normal Exp to 4D

OK, C-Maps 4D succesfully istalled.
But now I cannot get the data in Exp 4D. I use exctly the same settings as in normal Exp, but no data is sent to the system. 
When opening the old Exp, strait away the data comes in.
I use a router for the network.
Would this be a router issue?

Many thanks

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7/13/2019 1:12 pm  #9

Re: Changing from normal Exp to 4D

It is exactly the same interface, everything is the same, except for the C-map part.

Does the port say open or closed in Exp? It could be a firewall issue or something?


7/15/2019 8:34 am  #10

Re: Changing from normal Exp to 4D

Yes, that was it.

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