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9/10/2015 7:31 am  #1

Colors used in Track


Does anyone know the rationale used in the track colors.  I can define the track to be basd on VMG%, Bsp%, TargBsp% etc. causing the track to be drawn using a range of colors.  But what does red, green, blue mean in each case.  Is red >100%, blue <100%.  It is not clear and the manual does not cover this topic.



9/16/2015 1:13 pm  #2

Re: Colors used in Track

Any chance you could provide a screenshot, or a bit more detail?

It sounds as though you are referring to running a set of optimal routes, based on different variables. But, I can't tell for sure without more information.


9/16/2015 2:44 pm  #3

Re: Colors used in Track


The simple answer is it v​aries and is meant to be more qualitative than quantitative.

We also made a recent change to be able to define a custom default colour. This was for a user using GE2KAP (www.gdayii.ca/Downloads.php) to create BSB "charts" from Google Earth 


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9/19/2015 11:01 pm  #4

Re: Colors used in Track

I've got the same question - when used when replaying the log. I'm trying to use it to validate and fine tune our Polars - so I'm using target bsp% for the track - but I dont see any clear pattern in the way that the colours represent how far over/under 100% we are. Changing the min and max setting affect the colour palette - so I assume that's affecting the ratio from 100%?


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