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6/25/2019 9:42 pm  #1

We have a new web site!

We have a new web site!

Apart from the aesthetic improvements, it has a Grib file server.

The service is free, but you do need to create an account on the web site and update Expedition to 10.11.1.

At present, it just has GFS and DWD ICON data.

For most people, the German ICON model is new. It has a native resolution about 13km and is available 4x daily to 180 or 120 hours.


Saildocs is mostly still the best source for GFS, RTOFS and HRRR data. For most other data, we recommend Great Circle, Tidetech etc, but see the links on the Expedition weather page.


6/26/2019 9:28 pm  #2

Re: We have a new web site!

Always being one who gets in early, I updated to 10.11.1, set up my Expedition account, and downloaded ICON for the East Coast Aus.  The file appears in Weather/Settings (ticked), but the chart doesn't know it is there.  The Weather Begin and End buttons are greyed out, and trying to optimise a route using that single GRIB only produces the old "No wind at start error".  Not surprising, on checking in the GRIB folder the file is 0 KB in size....hmmm.


6/26/2019 9:41 pm  #3

Re: We have a new web site!

Got it, the problem occurs only when I choose 1 hour as the interval, seems fine on 2 hours and up.  Does ICON have a 1 hour interval?


6/26/2019 10:32 pm  #4

Re: We have a new web site!

It seems ok here with hourly.

The model is hourly to 72, then 3 hourly.

It will be interesting to see how people like it. DWD used to run the ECMWF model (GME), but changed to ICON a few years ago.

This is at 0.25 degree resolution. It is about a 13km resolution model, so I could make it 0.125, but everything would be 4x larger and having the resolution the same as GFS is probably a good thing.

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6/27/2019 5:55 am  #5

Re: We have a new web site!

In the North Sea area ICON was already available via MyGrib.   It almost always is less accurate compared to KNMI Harmonie or Arome HD.


6/27/2019 12:43 pm  #6

Re: We have a new web site!

That was ICON EU. This is their global model, so we can use it down-under etc.

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6/30/2019 4:01 pm  #7

Re: We have a new web site!

The hourly ICON download has been fixed at the web server end. There will be more improvements to this (and Saildocs) in the next Exp update.

Thanks Duncan.

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7/06/2019 5:43 am  #8

Re: We have a new web site!

I have just upgraded to 10.11.5. To use ICON for east coast Aus where/how does one register witrh Expedition, and then having done that where is the ICON downlaod in Expedition?

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7/06/2019 1:13 pm  #9

Re: We have a new web site!

Register on the Exp web site.

Download in the eGrib area option.

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7/14/2019 2:23 pm  #10

Re: We have a new web site!

Website looks great Nick.  Nice work.  


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