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3/05/2016 8:40 pm  #1

Wind direction on rotating mast

I'm trying to solve the problem of wind direction data from a rotating mast. The tactic set up I have been using has been hit and miss and now is broken. The sailtimer unit looks interesting and i have been in touch with them.

They ask, So check whether Expedition has the ability to receive NMEA 0183 data from the Bluetooth 4 connection on your Windows tablet.


If SailTimer Inc. invests in developing a Windows version of its API, to allow the wireless Wind Instrument to connect directly to your Windows tablet and hand the wind data directly to Expedition, everyone wins.  That is exactly what you need, and it would also help other sailors and other Expedition customers. 

Hope you can help.
Regards Gerald


3/06/2016 6:03 pm  #2

Re: Wind direction on rotating mast

Yes, you can receive NMEA 0183 over Bluetooth. It will normally appear as a serial port. Of course, Bluetooth may not be a good solution.​There are various mast rotation solutions available too.


3/06/2016 6:31 pm  #3

Re: Wind direction on rotating mast

Thanks Nick.
Can you elaborate on the other solutions for rotating masts. Or point me in the right direction?
Note mine is a rotating and canting mast.

Regards Gerald

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3/06/2016 8:48 pm  #4

Re: Wind direction on rotating mast

​All the major manufacturers (B&G, NKE, Nexus/Garmin etc) support this. ​For example, a web search for nexus mast rotation yields a link to their MRC (mast rotation compensation) box.


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