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5/28/2019 5:55 am  #1

Losing AIS and GPS Location intermittently

My system uses a USB hub connecting a NGW-1 (to N2k) and a Simrad AIS to the laptop USB port. Racing last weekend we intermittently were losing AIS data and GPS fixes in Expedition. These were always at the same time with AIS going out for longer periods. The AIS is also connected to the N2k bus separately and we never lost any data on the chart plotter.

When we lost position I checked the raw data and could see position data from the NGW with data still streaming. When AIS was not available we had no raw data at all.

Any thoughts on troubleshooting would be appreciated.


5/28/2019 6:48 pm  #2

Re: Losing AIS and GPS Location intermittently

When you lose the data, does the port connection page in Exp say Open or Closed near the top left?


5/29/2019 4:30 am  #3

Re: Losing AIS and GPS Location intermittently

I will check on Friday and get back to you. I thought that if I saw data streaming the connection was Open? Also looking at using an NGT versus the current NGW. I have a ticket into Actisense regarding the differences but it seems like that would allow Expedition to receive AIS data on that channel as well.

Thanks for the support!

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5/29/2019 12:42 pm  #4

Re: Losing AIS and GPS Location intermittently

Yes, if you can see data, it will be open.

We would have to see a sample of the data to comment further.


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