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5/14/2019 10:07 pm  #1

Import marks to a named folder

I regularly import various sets with a large number of GPX waypoints.  These all end up in the "GPX" folder in the Marks window.
When the total number of these waypoints get large, Exp becomes less responsive and when drawn on the map the map become cluttered.
However, if the imported waypoint sets are from various race areas or various races, it is not possible to just delete all waypoints that belong a specific set.   You currently need to either delete the entire GPX folder or delete individual waypoints in the GPX folder.

Therefore I propose that when you import a GPX file (and same may apply to CSV etc),  you can specify a name for a folder to show in the Marks window to which these should be imported.   That would allow you to simply delete all imported waypoints for a specific race or area once these are no longer needed.



5/15/2019 2:20 am  #2

Re: Import marks to a named folder

Zee, maybe I'm missing something here - I assume you have my sort of setup with a nice office chair and a big screen for doing routes, which then have to be exported to the nav station hovel I have on the TP.
Why not simply Marks/Export/GPX/All from the office to the hovel, which preserves the folder structure, from the originating office computer?  I've just done that setting up a brand new laptop, worked a treat.


5/15/2019 6:43 am  #3

Re: Import marks to a named folder

Yes, you are missing something Duncan ;-)

Here in the Netherlands I can download all official marks (buoys) as GPX from a website which is updated on a daily basis.  Therefore this is way more accurate then e.g. C-map (I see buoys on C-map which are already moved to another location a year ago).

So I download these buoys and import them into Expedition. Not only do I then have the most actual position of the buoys,  but when creating a route in Expedition I can also simply select the buoys in the GPX folder (they show with actual name and color/light scheme) and add them to a route (in the Marks window).  Way more convenient and accurate then selecting them on the map.

The website from which I download the buoys offer the option to download a area-subset (e.g.  North Sea,  The big lake,  Wadden sea etc).  Each area subset can already contains hundreds of buoys.    So you can imagine that when you download a few areas, there are 1000+ waypoints. This slows down Exp and clutters the chart when all drawn.

Now the issue is that when I load e.g. area A, then area B, C etc they all end up in the GPX folder.   But when I now no longer need area A, there is no simple way to delete all buoys that were imported as part of area A.   I can only delete the entire GPX folder (or individual buoys but this is not a real options when there are hundreds to be deleted).   However,  when I delete the entire GPX folder,  it will also delete all buoy from areas B and C.   And when I had defined a route in Expedition based on the buoys in area B and C this route is then empty.   Importing area B and C again would make the buoys available in the GPX folder again,  but I manually need to define all routes again.

So therefore the wish to import a GPX file to a folder you can choose.  That way I can import all buoys from area A into a folder "area A",  the buoys from area B into a folder "area B" etc.
Then this would allow me to selectively delete buoys per area or only draw the buoys of a specific area on the map.


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5/15/2019 10:26 am  #4

Re: Import marks to a named folder

For personal interest; what website?



5/15/2019 11:52 am  #5

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5/15/2019 12:34 pm  #6

Re: Import marks to a named folder



5/16/2019 9:11 am  #7

Re: Import marks to a named folder

I do something similar, on a rather smaller scale, with the solent marks. My solution is to rename the GPX folder after each import. You then end up with a collection of folders breaking up the imports...


5/16/2019 1:59 pm  #8

Re: Import marks to a named folder

Got it Zee  ..... no, we definitely don't have that problem in The Land Downunder .
I wonder if you could do something with intermediate software - I'm thinking NotePad++ might be used to edit the files and create subfolders, noting that *.csv and other file formats seem to be available.
Just a thought.


5/16/2019 2:41 pm  #9

Re: Import marks to a named folder

All implemented (and tested by ZeeZee) for the next release.


5/21/2019 9:35 am  #10

Re: Import marks to a named folder

Available now in 10.10.16

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