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9/10/2018 10:41 am  #1

H5000 update

B&G rolled out a major software release the other day. Will we see any changes in functionality (especially regarding how Expedition sends waypoint or bearing/distans to mark)?

"Interfaces: Websocket expansion
To further enhance the Websocket functionality for third party connections, the H5000 CPU can now act as the system Navigation Source allowing waypoint information (such as Range and Bearing to a mark) be sent into the CPU and then sent out to the displays."


9/10/2018 2:18 pm  #2

Re: H5000 update

Exp has had the support for this since the beginning of the year, so it is all in place.


5/04/2019 1:54 pm  #3

Re: H5000 update

Updated expedition and h5000 today - anyone know if Zeus2 reads nav from h5000 - If so how?

No success  so far.


5/05/2019 12:35 pm  #4

Re: H5000 update

Not sure about how, but the last boat I was on had a H5000, Z2's, and Expedition going through an Actisense USG-1-B-422 the PC was connected with an Ethernet cable.  I got help with the setup on the East coast of the US
Sorry I can't add more.


5/05/2019 1:21 pm  #5

Re: H5000 update

I talked to Navico at a H5000 training in December, and they replicated the problem there (Exp sends nav data to H5000 just fine, but Vulcan/Zeus3 don't use the nav data from H5000).

Was hoping for a fix, but I have tha same issue after the latest latest update).

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5/05/2019 1:33 pm  #6

Re: H5000 update

I think what happens is that either can be the navigation source for the H5. The H5 doesn't pass that on.


5/05/2019 1:46 pm  #7

Re: H5000 update

According to the Navico guy, Zeus3 should be able to get a WPT from the H5000, in the same way it recieves starting marks. I'll try to hunt down a proper answer.

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5/08/2019 12:31 pm  #8

Re: H5000 update

Expedition is connected to the H5000 via ethernet (websocket) and Actisence NGt1 as well (needed for garmin displays and custom data) *maybe an issue, albeit not sending navigation data)
In the sources in my Zeus2, when i select h5000 its fine - but then it stops acting as a navigation source in total. Dont pick up WP from h5000 however the h5000 picks up wp from expedition. 
The fact that the h5000 and mfd\s are picking up data from expedition kind of narrows the problem down to something in the zeus.
I have to say its becomming pritty cool with the integration with H5000 / well done!


6/17/2019 7:29 am  #9

Re: H5000 update

I can confirm that this is still a Zeus 3 issue.  I have both a Zeus 3 and Raymarine e97 on the N2K network.  I am able to get waypoint navigation from Expedition data fine on the e97.  No joy with the Zeus 3 which has the V18.3 patch. 


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