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4/15/2019 9:31 am  #1

Complete Re-Installation

Is there a way to completely uninstall Expedition in order to do a completely fresh install? I have tried uninstalling through the control panel and have also tried to repair the problem. I am using v. 10.10.13 on a Windows 10 machine. Lately I have so many issues with my ENC, RNC and C-Map charts that I am becoming very frustrated. E.g., three different scaled RNCs showing at one time. Also problems displaying sail charts. I did not have these problems until a few months ago. I think maybe starting from scratch may be a good start.
- JPSwanson


4/15/2019 1:22 pm  #2

Re: Complete Re-Installation

If you want to reset the system, he best way is to run the Expedition System Restore app included with Exp.


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