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2/20/2016 2:57 pm  #1

B&G H2000 Hercules & Shipmodul NMEA Multiplexor


I'm a new user, having finally saved up my pennies and bought Expedition last week. I tried hooking it into my boat's instruments today and hit on a couple of issues.

The boat has an H2000 Hercules system with a USB-Serial adapter hooked into the serial port on the performance processor. The instrument system is connected via an NMEA FFD to a Shipmodul multiplexor which also has a direct 10Hz HDM feed from the performance processor. The multiplexor also has feeds from the GPS (a Leica MX412) and a Digital Yacht iAIS. The Multiplexor's NMEA outputs feed the radar (a Furuno 1722C fed with one 10Hz HDM, and a second NMEA), the iAIS (for rebroadcast by WiFi), the Navtex (for log printing) etc. The DSC VHF is hooked direct to the GPS. The multiplexor also has a USB outlet that sees all traffic.

When I connected expedition to the two USB feeds it recognised the AIS feed, and the B&G Hercules. However, whilst it was plotting AIS targets it was also reporting no position fix, and the GPS tab was blank. If you inspected the data the GPS sentences were being received. Changing the interface type from AIS to NMEA made no difference. On the other interface the Hercules was visible and the polar table could, for example, be downloaded but none of the system data was populating the data boxes (and they are set to boat 0). A reset of the expedition registry keys didn't fix it. Strip chart would record values, but I don't know if it was seeing them from the NMEA interface of the serial coms with the Hercules - I guess I should try and chart something that is only available by the serial interface when I'm next at the boat. I grabbed samples of the data on both interfaces.

Anyone got any ideas? Have I done something daft?


2/20/2016 3:20 pm  #2

Re: B&G H2000 Hercules & Shipmodul NMEA Multiplexor

We would need to see the instrument data to comment intelligibly.
It might be best to mail graham or me directly.


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