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9/16/2015 7:44 pm  #1


This fixes a bug a user found in the isochronal routing.

There are some other useful features too. For example, there is now a 'both' checkbox on the Optimal ribbon that allows an isochronal and a grid based route optimisation to be computed at the same time.
 I've been using the new isochronal ​option for a couple of years now and it is uncanny how similar the results are. I suppose that is good.

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9/16/2015 9:50 pm  #2

Re: 10.1.2

Love the new 'both' feature - great to be able to compare two different optimization techniques. 



9/17/2015 6:05 am  #3

Re: 10.1.2

Nick, would you provide a brief explanation of the two different routing algorithms and any important distinctions? Thanks


9/17/2015 8:07 am  #4

Re: 10.1.2

Simply put, gridded sails you out for a set distance for each step along the route, isochronic sails you out for a set time.

Which one is better - depends on who you talk to...

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9/17/2015 9:26 am  #5

Re: 10.1.2

Thanks Campbell. Grided sounds like the way I thought Exp has historically done it. Is that correct?


9/17/2015 11:22 am  #6

Re: 10.1.2

Yes, historically gridded, although there has been a switch in the compiler to do either for a while. I just needed to merge the data models to make everything work nicely together.

At the end of the day, they give very similar results. Using the 'Show paths' option can show you what each is doing.

The isochronal algorithm can leave marks to port or starboard at this point, so for some multi-leg routing, the grid option is the way to go.

However, the isochronal option *should* be a little better in light wind areas where the conditions are changing. I think the new 'both' option is going to be useful. If you run both and have the sensitivity shading on, then it can give added (or less) confidence on the solutions.

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10/04/2015 11:45 pm  #7

Re: 10.1.2

This confused me for a while, Nick thanks for helping out; there is a negative missing from sentence 3 in Nick's post above.  Isochronal routing CANNOT be used in routing where marks of the course have a required side.  If you do you get a error message "Bad Course"


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