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1/11/2019 7:52 am  #1

Chart questions


I'll start by saying I'm totally new to Expedition. Recently completed installation of a B&G Zeus3/H5000 package on an Oyster 53 for a customer. This is replacing a Raymarine E-Classic system. He also has an onboard computer networked to the navigation electronics.

I've downloaded Expedition and played around in the "Limited Functionality" mode to see what it's like. Prior to the customer buying the license he had some questions though. He has 5 different Navionics chart cards on the old CF cards. I could find no mention from Expedition of being able to use Navionics charts (I have downloaded one of the NOAA raster charts to sample it).

A) Can the Navionics charts be used with Expedition software (CF card in USB card reader)?

B) If the above answer is "No" what would he be looking at as far as getting duplicate chart regions to replace the Navionics charts? Would he have to basically buy all the same regions in C-Map cards?

Just hoping to get a few answers so our customer can make an informed decision prior to buying a license.

Thanks for any assistance.


1/11/2019 10:18 am  #2

Re: Chart questions

I don't think you can use C-map cards.., if you want C-Map, you need the CD/DVD version, and not everyone sells them. I think you can also download them, but when I bought them I got a CD or DVD.

anyway, I use C-Map in the USA.., and have the NOAA raster charts as a back-up. I greatly prefer using vector charts in Expedition, but i do occasionally double-check something on the raster charts. It's easy to switch back and forth.

My C-Map charts extend to the caribbean, but I also use the NV raster charts there. I think they are better, and worth the hassle of using raster vs vector.

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1/11/2019 10:39 am  #3

Re: Chart questions

Thanks us7070,

He does have a CD drive connected to the laptop via USB so I guess this could work...just seems more cumbersome (going backwards technology-wise) so I was thinking of the SD cards. Direct download might work if multiple chart regions could be populated to one card.

The unfortunate part is the ~$1300 for Expedition, then having so spend roughly $750 in charts (5 chart regions @ an average of $150/ea) to get back to where he was as far as coverage goes.

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1/11/2019 12:29 pm  #4

Re: Chart questions

Correct, Expedition can't use Navionics charts. The C-Map systems also don't support the SD cards now. They used to but were very slow and C-Map has ceased supporting that.

The old C-Map MAX charts don't have much life left, so 4D makes more sense at present.

It depends where you are. In many parts of the world such as USA & NZ the official ENCs & RNCs are free. Most Australians use the AHO ENCs too.

It depends where you are


1/11/2019 12:48 pm  #5

Re: Chart questions

So what would be a good source for the ENCs? Customer is based in the Northeast USA, his Navionics cards had him covered from the Canadian Maritimes down to the Caribbean. Is that the same process that I used to grab one of the NOAA raster charts for the US Northeast?

Thanks again for the help with this.

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1/11/2019 2:20 pm  #6

Re: Chart questions

you get the free ENC's from NOAA - they are digitizations of the NOAA raster charts.., as are the Vector charts you buy from private companies...


Personally, I find it hard to use the NOAA ENC's in Expedition - I would get the C-Map, or use the free NOAA raster charts. But try the ENC's and let him decide...

I think my C-map, which covers all of eastern North America as well as the Caribbean was only about $250...
Make sure you are looking at the largest region possible.., and  not buying lots of small regions


1/11/2019 2:29 pm  #7

Re: Chart questions

The NOAA ENCs and RNCs are the official charts for US waters.

C-Map etc mostly use this data when creating their charts.


1/15/2019 4:31 am  #8

Re: Chart questions

Thank you both for the help with this. We'll be sending some info on to the customer so he can make a decision. I'm sure I'll have some other questions in the future!

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