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12/02/2018 10:05 am  #1

debugging Websocket on H5000

This might be a simple question, but having real trouble connecting Expedition to H5000.

I can get into the H5000 over Wifi,
However from my  my notes, I need a direct ethernet websocket connection to the H5000 for Expedition to collect data.

I have checked the connection port to the H5000 and everything seems to be in order, however 'ipconfig' fails to returns No IP address for the H5000.

Is there a way to restart the H5000 websocket via Wifi (or via Expedition). 
It would be great to connect expedition to H5000 via Wifi, but I believe I need a Ethernet connection to configure that first ..

Not ruling out a hardware / connectivity issue, but this feels like a problem someone may have encountered before, so any help would be much appreciated as we prepare for next season.

Is there a 'safe' way to reset the H5000 websockets?




12/02/2018 1:24 pm  #2

Re: debugging Websocket on H5000

Can you connect to the H5000 with a web browser? If so, it is essentially the same in Ex - create a network port and select H5000 Websocket as the instrument type. The IP address is the default, but you may need to change it.

ipconfig shouldn't see the H5000


12/10/2018 11:43 pm  #3

Re: debugging Websocket on H5000

Hi @Nick,
Thank you very much for your quick response.

So I can connect to the h5000 via WiFi and view it on my web browser but it is on a port which doesn't seem to allow expedition to read the instrument data . (Or upload Polars to the B&G).

There is 2 ip addresses on the h5000 , one for the WiFi and the other for the websocket via ethernet connection.

Neither seem to feed instrument data to expedition.....or am I misreading your solution?



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12/11/2018 12:53 am  #4

Re: debugging Websocket on H5000

Could it be a firewall issue stopping Exp connecting to the Websocket?

The connection page in Exp where you have selected H5000 Websocket should say open or closed and you should see data on clicking the raw data button


12/11/2018 1:05 am  #5

Re: debugging Websocket on H5000

Yea, no raw data!

Working on Windows 8 so will have a fiddle with firewall settings
Think I might need to wade through H5000 manual.
Thanks again

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12/11/2018 12:01 pm  #6

Re: debugging Websocket on H5000

Maybe post or mail images of the Expedition connection screen and the web browser connection.


12/11/2018 12:36 pm  #7

Re: debugging Websocket on H5000

Great idea!

Here is the screen showing WiFi network working, but no ethernet  web socket


And here is the image of the actual h5000 with the ethernet light fully functional.


Not sure if this is useful, but I cant get the data feed to work using the WiFi connection, but expedition raw data connection doesn't seem to work over WiFi.

I am getting a light on the bit ends of the cable, so I don't think it is a loose connection.

Thanks much for the encouragement!

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12/11/2018 12:48 pm  #8

Re: debugging Websocket on H5000

What about the Exp connection window when you connect to the port you use for the browser? Also the browser image?


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