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8/30/2018 12:27 pm  #11

Re: Connecting to Nexus NX2 System

On the instrument connection page


9/10/2018 9:54 am  #12

Re: Connecting to Nexus NX2 System

Hi Nick,
had the chance to try out several things now:
FDX: with the Nexus Race software everything works fine, all data appear. Changing to Expedition, Lat/Long disappear and come up occasionally only. Strange effect: when activating the navigation to a waypoint on the Simarad plotter (which sends the Nav data to Nexus, the Lat/Long is stable in Expedition. (but this of course is not the solution). The raw data button is deactivated, so I cannot see the dataflow.
XTE: in NMEA mode everything works except the XTE. This time XTE was not shown in Expedition at all, but following data were sent: $GPRMB,A,03.080,L,049,056,5438.854,N,01007.236,E,05.640,342.14,,V,D*70 and $GPXTE,A,A,03.080,L,N,D*0D. The XTE did not change, even changing the marks, it seemed to be frozen. Other data, as mark number (although different numbering than in Exp), course and distance was transmitted properly to the NMEA network.
Kind Regards


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