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8/10/2018 9:42 am  #1

Button to go to beginning of GRIB

I know that there are already a lot of buttons there.., and maybe there isn't room...

Anyway, I am working a lot with reanalysis data now, and some of the files are 60 days long. It's not practical to increment through them with the  keyboard arrows. I can use the "Time" button to enter the first time step, or one near it if I can't remember exactly what it is.., but it would be nice to have a button to go right to the beginning.

Or, maybe the keyboard arrows could do it - as i mentioned, i use the up/down keyboard arrows to go through time steps.., maybe the left arrow could go to the beginning, and the right arrow to the end.


8/10/2018 1:20 pm  #2

Re: Button to go to beginning of GRIB

To support US here, reanalysis of large files can be painful, for example obtaining averages across a 40 or 60 hour race by setting a Test for the whole race.  Is a 24 and/or 48 hour Stripchart window a possibility?


8/10/2018 2:36 pm  #3

Re: Button to go to beginning of GRIB

Have added a button for the next update.

Duncan, 12, 24 and 48 hour modes are available on the Time menu.


8/11/2018 8:36 am  #4

Re: Button to go to beginning of GRIB

to be clear - i am talking about large grib files.., the European Center reanalysis grib.
i was looking for an easy way to get from day 55, say, back to day1

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8/11/2018 11:05 pm  #5

Re: Button to go to beginning of GRIB

Thanks Nick, I swear they weren't there last time I looked .....


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