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8/09/2018 5:47 pm  #1

TWS Calibration

Would like Expedition to calculate TWD from a simple NEMA 0183 instrument system that doesn't have internal calibration for TWS downwind or TWA.  Question:  In Expedition TWS calibration table - should largest TWA be 180, or should it be downwind target angle for that TWS?  With B&G H3000 & H5000 it helps calibration to input the TWA at which the boat will sail downwind in addition to the TWS offset.  Thought I'd start with 10% TWS reduction at downwind target angle.  Any other thoughts for baseline starting point?  Thanks in advance for any assistance.


8/09/2018 8:46 pm  #2

Re: TWS Calibration

Hello Alan.

I would probably use both. I think the default twa & tws tables have columns for the targets and 180.

Of course, they could have the same cal value.

The logic being that you would estimate the correction for downwind, but you might get lower at times.


8/10/2018 7:08 pm  #3

Re: TWS Calibration

We had a set of basic Nexus instruments on No Rationing and had Expedition do all the calculations and calibrations. We always had the last column at 180 with the next column at the target angle.

Using Expedition to do all the work was actually the reason for starting development of Ventus. We needed a way to display the Expedition data back in the cockpit.



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