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7/23/2018 1:51 am  #1

optimal routes

having trouble saving optimal routes once logged out of expedition
i see there is an optimal2.dat file in expedition. is this where they are stored ?
thanks stuart


7/23/2018 8:14 am  #2

Re: optimal routes

Go to Settings/Opt routing and check(tick) "Load Previous opt Routes"

on the same page, right side, find box marked "Optimised routes to keep" and enter '100' there



7/23/2018 3:53 pm  #3

Re: optimal routes

Thanks, I have had previous route box ticked but it is not even saving one file after shutting down expedition
Any other thoughts ?

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7/23/2018 4:26 pm  #4

Re: optimal routes

Maybe Exp has lost write access to that folder? You could try deleting the old optimal2.dat file


7/23/2018 4:35 pm  #5

Re: optimal routes

I have deleted the old optimal2 dat file but no success. Do I have to create another optimal dat file somewhere else ?

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7/23/2018 4:49 pm  #6

Re: optimal routes

Are you sure you have the 'Load previous optimal routes at startup' option selected.

I think Exp gives an error message if it can't create the file.


7/23/2018 5:35 pm  #7

Re: optimal routes

Ok sorted.
Thanks again Nick for all your help, my error !!
Awesome programme and you guys do an amazing job with supporting us all.

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