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6/12/2018 6:01 pm  #1

Tides and Currents

I sail mostly in Buzzard Bay and Vineyard Sound on the East Coast of USA.
I see there are 2 tide and current models for my region.
Basic Models " East Coast Tides and Currents"
and US Models" MA and RI"
Should I have both checked on or just one or the other?
What source does this info come from?
Would there be any benefit to adding TideTech to these?

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6/12/2018 7:17 pm  #2

Re: Tides and Currents

he East coast tides and currents are from NOAA. The US Models are low resolution tide models.

Probably select one or the other - whichever you think is best.


6/15/2018 3:23 pm  #3

Re: Tides and Currents

Nick, Does C-Map have its own Tide and Currents also? Can you turn those on and off?

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6/15/2018 4:44 pm  #4

Re: Tides and Currents

Yes to both questions.


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