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9/25/2017 2:11 am  #1

Will's new book

Will has a superb new ebook - Expedition Navigation Software: A "Gentle" Introduction


​(fixed link)

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9/25/2017 2:11 pm  #2

Re: Will's new book

Thanks Nick but that is the title and link to the first book. Latest book is called Expedition Navigation Software: A “Gentle” Introduction. Link is

Cheers, Will.


9/26/2017 4:18 am  #3

Re: Will's new book

For wizened older folks, how is this book the same or different to your last book?


9/26/2017 6:11 am  #4

Re: Will's new book

I'm reading it now and find it a great review and reminder of some of the features you might not use routinely.  It's also perfect for those folks who ask "can you help me with Exp" but don't really know what they need help with.
Still like to see a paper edition, Will!


9/26/2017 8:28 pm  #5

Re: Will's new book

It’s a great reminder and primer as Ernie notes, will forward to crew as a study guide.

Learned a few things in each chapter so far.
Thanks for the effort.

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9/27/2017 2:56 pm  #6

Re: Will's new book

Hi, re the audience for the new book and the difference between book one and book two: My first book is closer to the top of the knowledge pyramid. The target audience is navigators looking to improve their skills. Many readers asked for more of a 'how to' book. So this new book is targeting down the knowledge pyramid. It is for those starting out with Expedition and wanting to learn the program in some logical manner. I hope that many more people than just navigators will read the book. However, it is NOT a book about how to navigate. It is just a book about learning Expedition. Hope that clarifies.
I am trying to turn the latest book into a hard copy due to some requests. Turns out though, that I have to redo EVERY figure as the resolution is not high enough for print. If anyone has any ideas on making screen shots higher resolution, Id love to hear them. At present I think I have to buy a higher resolution 4K monitor to help sort this out. So, it might be a while till it gets done as I have some more sailing to do.
Cheers, Will.


9/27/2017 3:09 pm  #7

Re: Will's new book

So, I am already thinking about the ''next book". I have a few thoughts:
1. A book that is a full manual about navigation which contains much of the information you need to know. It would cover fundamental navigation knowledge and techniques along with modern methods. I guess I hope it would be like the textbook for a theoretical course called Yacht Navigator Ocean. This would be at the bottom of the knowledge pyramid I was talking about earlier, so would hopefully have the widest audience.
2. A high level book about Performance Analyses and Route Planning which would include historical weather analysis techniques. (This would be right at the top of my knowledge pyramid so probably a very small audience).
3. Second Edition of the Modern Race Navigation book with new chapters and updated information in all chapters.
I am interested in what people think would work and they are interested in. So far my books have a very small market so the return on effort is not great. I was hoping that a book like number one might reach a wider audience though book two is the stuff I am really interested in.
I welcome your thoughts.


9/27/2017 4:59 pm  #8

Re: Will's new book

I wonder if any printed books should just be one book that draws all those topics together as different sections.

​It could become a generic navigator's reference text. The trick would be to make it something every boat wants whether or not they have Exp or a Garmin chart-plotter. Something to give at Christmas etc.

​With a title something like 'Will's Navigation Bible'.

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9/29/2017 2:19 am  #9

Re: Will's new book

In market terms I fear Nick is right. What I'd really like for me are options 2 & 3. I've bought the latest one, both to support your efforts and make sure my knowledge doesn't have too many holes. I don't mind ebooks for that.

As someone who teaches sailing a bit (I'm a YMI on the side) the first book would be very welcome - if you can produce something that could be the recommended reading that picks up at the YM theory basic standard and takes it forward that would be invaluable, and the market would be huge (well, by comparison at least). Most of my students are bright young(ish) professionals and about half would like to take the knowledge on a step or two after the basic level of something like Yachtmaster Theory. If you can provide a text on using modern tools that reflects real practise that would be superb. I'd suggest you look at the syllabus for the RYA theory course, and the USCG course: there might be a sizeable market for a book that pitches in at the next level and gives entry routes into tool specific manuals (such as yours). I suspect that that level is very much the bottom of your knowledge pyramid, but aligning the entry point with the output level from the major training programs would help. Perhaps starting with a consolidation chapter or two to cover off tides, weather, fixes and course to steer and then moving onto modern methods and tools and race nav considerations. A paper option might increase the market.


4/27/2018 6:18 am  #10

Re: Will's new book

So - I'm unaware of a book that fulfils role #1. When people ask me what to learn and from where I point them at a bunch of different places for various skills -- there really isn't a single resource -- and on top of that I'm not even sure I know everything (I'm sure I have big holes compared to what you know). So I think #1 would be great and I'd love a copy and I'd be able to point people that ask about the fundamentals to it.

#2 would be most interesting to me personally -- I'd love to know the best known work flows along with a historical perspective.

#3 would be interesting but not sure I'd rush to buy it other than to show my support.


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