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5/10/2017 7:57 am  #1


Hi - I am new to the forum and new to exp' - I have downloaded the software and installed on my laptop. I don't have a license but there seems to be a lot of functionality available. My intent is to get to know the software and how it works. I don't have a boat at the moment and have no intention of using it other than for learning. It  seems to be about the best option out there and I am a PC guy so I will eventually be investing in a PC solution rather than a hardware based CP.
Am i violating licensing at the moment?If so is there some way to purchase a "land locked" version of the software.
Cheers Tony


5/10/2017 3:12 pm  #2

Re: Licensing

Hi Tony,
You would probably get your best answer concerning licensing from info@expeditionmarine.com.

Additionally, it is my understanding that by taking the North U Expedition 101 webinar you will be allowed to use a fully functional version of the program for a limited time. I wish that inducement was available when I was just starting because it is a really good deal.
From the North U webpage Note: If you are not a licensed Expedition owner/user, North U. Expedition Webinar participants can download a free temporary (4 week) full version of Expedition for the webinar. Participants will also have the ability to buy Expedition at a discounted price either before or after the course.     


5/10/2017 4:48 pm  #3

Re: Licensing


​A lot of the functionality is unrestricted. Just instrument connectivity, route optimisation etc are restricted to licence holders.

We can give demo keys either with NorthU or not. ​NorthU has a deal where if you buy Exp through them, they credit the cost of the course. Semantics, but it is slightly different than an Exp discount.


5/10/2017 10:55 pm  #4

Re: Licensing

Thanks Joe & Nick for your answers.
Cheers Tony

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5/24/2018 10:19 am  #5

Re: Licensing

Related to this topic, I am new to expedition and am interested in learning how to use it for buoy racing - time/distance/laylines, etc.  Is it possible to practice these things on land, and is there enough functionality without the full license to do so?  thanks.


5/24/2018 10:51 am  #6

Re: Licensing


Yes, you can use a demo version of Expedition to try out much of the functionality without connecting it to your boat system.  Many of us do 'offline' navigation activities in the comfort of our own homes.  Expedition has a simulation mode where you can set location, wind speed and direction as well as marks and courses.  This is a good way to get to know the product and to understand much of the functionality.  You can set start lines and practice start sequences also.  As Nick mentioned above you cannot connect to a data source and cannot run optimizations, but most of the rest of the  functionality is there.  


4/16/2020 9:05 am  #7

Re: Licensing

Just installed Exp on a new Win10 laptop (upgrading from Win 7) and got the new licence code. All working well until I moved the Data folder from the default on C drive to D:\Expedition.  I now get the unlicensed dialog. The original folder and licence file is in both locations.  If I change the Data folder path back to the default it works again.  Any ideas how I can get Exp working with the data folder where I really want it?


4/16/2020 2:36 pm  #8

Re: Licensing

It may be that Exp doesn't have access to the new licence.xml file


4/17/2020 7:56 pm  #9

Re: Licensing

Hi Nick.  I have tried running the Expedition.exe as an Administrator and that made no difference. Also Expedition has no issues writing to the D:\Expedition\config or grib folders so can't see it being an access issue.  I have some snapshots of the folders (including the licence file) and expedition file settings dialog if they would be of help (need an email address to send).
I am an IT professional and software designer so happy to do a bit of digging if directed.


4/17/2020 8:59 pm  #10

Re: Licensing

Maybe email me details, screen images etc.


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