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3/21/2017 3:02 am  #1

Labels for Alternating fields in Ventus Pro

In Number Boxes the Altenating fields take on the Name e.g.  TWA/TWS of the data points.

Is there a way to assign those to Ventus Pro?

Second question:

Is there a way to format "Next Sail" in Ventus so it shows "A1"  rather than "10.00" ?

Thank you,


3/22/2017 3:12 am  #2

Re: Labels for Alternating fields in Ventus Pro

I'd love to be corrected in this topic, but as I understand it ...no.  The topic of customisable fields in VP is a large one, but I'm happy to hear feedback about what folks would want customisable on their VP screens, and I'm sure VP would be too.  And happy to pay a few more bucks, it is hardly a large expense compared to a new A4.


3/22/2017 10:57 am  #3

Re: Labels for Alternating fields in Ventus Pro

The sail names are sent, but I don't know if Ventus uses them. You will have to ask Ventus.


4/01/2017 11:15 am  #4

Re: Labels for Alternating fields in Ventus Pro

We have been working with Nick on getting the names of the Alternating Data along with the data in a format that we can correctly parse and display. That will also include getting the sail names instead of just the number that is currently displayed. Hope to have updates out next week for both the iOS and Android versions of Ventus PRO.​



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