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4/23/2024 6:54 am  #1

Vesper Cortex (using boat network) Connection issue


In commissioning a newly installed system I am encountering an issue with Instrument setup in Expedition.

The data source for this system is a Vesper Cortex M1 configured to use the Vessel Network. I can confirm the overarching theory of operation as validated through TZ iBoat on a mobile device using the vessel network.

Cloning these settings, however, does not work in Expedition. Numerous selections have been tried for TCP, UDP, etc. If I connect the device directly to the cortex WIFI, data is available.

Have any users successfully deployed a setup of Cortex-> Vessel Network -> Expedition?


4/23/2024 12:09 pm  #2

Re: Vesper Cortex (using boat network) Connection issue

I think that if you have selected NMEA 0183 AIS as the settings and aren't seeing anything in the raw data window, then one of the settings wont' be correct.


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