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10/01/2019 10:18 pm  #1

H3000 processor to Expedition

Hi,  I am wanting to connect Expedition to a boat running a H3000.  I have read there is either USB or serial as an option.   The laptop is 64bit Windows, so am thinking in this case Serial to Laptop is easiest for now.

Am I correct in thinking that the serial cable I have (RS232 9 pin) will need to be connected to the NMEA OUT on CPU?   The assignment is TX+, TX-, 0V and screen.   If this is correct, do I just use the pin assinment as per expedition manual and should communicate ok? (Pin 2, 3, 5)

Thanks in advance.

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10/01/2019 11:10 pm  #2

Re: H3000 processor to Expedition

B&G doesn't supply a 64 bit driver for the USB option.

You can connect a USB-RS232 adaptor to the RS232 port on the other side of the H3000. This requires a different cable.

If you use the search function of this forum, you will find past topics addressing this in more detail.


10/01/2019 11:18 pm  #3

Re: H3000 processor to Expedition

Thanks, so is there a RS232 port on the H3000?  Couldnt see one - can you just connect RS232 between laptop and H3000?

Also has Furuno Fastnet and there is a free ethernet cable near where a laptop once was - Looks like one of the B&G displays has been connected into the Fastnet network.  In the manual, says can connect to Furuno Fastnet network by ethernet, do you just assign a static IP to the network card that is in the same ranges as the Furuno Navnet and other Fastnet networked components?  

Sorry for so many questions but have no information and trying to reverse engineer the install so can see the raw data and make a decision on how to proceed from there.

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10/02/2019 12:03 am  #4

Re: H3000 processor to Expedition

Yes, see your B&G H3000 manual. You will need a USB-RS232 adaptor as well as the cable. It is easiest to just buy a complete USB-RS232 cable already made up. See the topics in this forum for more information.

Often NMEA 0183 is sent over UDP with Furuno. There is a mention in the Exp help.

Fastnet is B&G - it is the network used by the H3000. You can't connect the computer to it.


10/02/2019 5:16 pm  #5

Re: H3000 processor to Expedition

The easy (and probably best) solution is to get a ready made H3000 RS232-USB adaptor. Simon Weston at 33-South sells these I think.


10/03/2019 1:58 pm  #6

Re: H3000 processor to Expedition

Thanks Nick.
I managed to get some data out of ethernet and into Expedition - AIS, position, COG/SOG - but this is all from the Furuno Navnet by the looks.
There is no USB  cable on the boat - I have contacted Simon.
Question - is there a reason why should use a H3000 USB cable with USB-Serial over a H3000 serial cable?  Manual suggests there is a serial cable port on RHS for a B&G serial cable.

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10/03/2019 2:34 pm  #7

Re: H3000 processor to Expedition

You may want both connections, which is why they may be there. You won't get AIS from the H3000.

The USB port on the left has a USB-US232 adaptor inside the H3000. However, the only driver available is 32 bit.

You can't buy RS232 cables from B&G now, but it is a standard part.

You can connect the RS232 port on the right to an RS232 port on your computer if it has one. You just need the cable etc. One benefit of using a USB-RS232 adaptor in this is to optically isolate the computer from the H3000.


11/01/2019 11:29 am  #8

Re: H3000 processor to Expedition

Hi. New to expedition forum thanks to b&g h3000 lack of support. Just upgrade from windows xp (32bits) to windows 10 (64bits) and of course the old driver don't work. Where could I buy a new RSR232 cable?? 


11/01/2019 1:53 pm  #9

Re: H3000 processor to Expedition

See above - Simon Weston sells RS232 - USB adaptors and I think Eric at Farallon does too.

Also, if you search the Expedition and Sailing Anarchy fora, you will see topics such as




11/02/2019 1:01 am  #10

Re: H3000 processor to Expedition

If I understand correctly I should change to b&g RS232 port , connect the raw side of the cable to a RS232 terminal and then a USB-RS232 adapter. Our PC has a 232 port but it is used for an external GPS ( Simrad HS70) to feed Expedition.
B&G rs232-Expedition data flow will be as good as with b&g USB port? We send some external channels (4-5).


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