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5/24/2019 1:15 pm  #1

Clearing YB boats database

It looks like something has changed in a recent update (besides adding a new /database sub directory for expedition.mdb). I used to simply rename the mdb to expeditionold.mdb and that would clear the boats from tracking,  but that doesn't seem to do the trick anymore. Any direction? i  don't like parsing through hundreds of boats not in a current race



5/24/2019 1:57 pm  #2

Re: Clearing YB boats database

The race tracking is no longer stored in the Access database, which we are slowly migrating away from.

The easy way is to go to Race Tracking and click the 'Delete all' button.

Else, the race tracking file is available on the new Files settings page.


5/24/2019 6:09 pm  #3

Re: Clearing YB boats database

Works great - thanks

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5/29/2019 8:10 am  #4

Re: Clearing YB boats database

Race Tracking is not working for us.  We cleared the DB using "Delete All".  New position reports are correctly going into the race tracking DB, and are being plotted on the chart.  We can see the position reports by clicking "View All"

However...  Nothing appears in the "Race tracking" page.  ("Boat", "Poll","COG","DOG", etc).  This page is normally very useful for analyzing competitor positions.  When I click "Manual", to enter the data by hand, the drop down menu shows a boat list from last years Pacific Cup, (the last race we used Exp for, last summer)  We cannot find a way to delete this list, or enter the new position reports into the "Race tracking" analysis page.

We are currently in port between leg 2 and leg 3 of the California Offshore Race Week series.  Next leg starts tomorrow 5-30-19


5/29/2019 12:40 pm  #5

Re: Clearing YB boats database

You need to select your boat as the reference boat.


5/31/2019 1:27 pm  #6

Re: Clearing YB boats database

Hi guys-
I'm tracking the California Offshore Race Week 2019.  Yellowbrick has this new function that they track multiple legs of a race with one website and just use multiple tabs on the webpage.  Works great there.

My problem is getting later legs YB info imported into Expedition.  All I get is the last time stamped position info when YB stopped tracking the first leg.  Specifically for corw2019, I get the last time stamp for the Spinnaker Cup (first leg, finished 5/26 or so) but I can't seem to get info for today's race.

Anyone found the trick?  I'm sure I'm missing something (as usual).  Is there a different YB code for this?  

It's not critical because I'm not racing, but I like dry running things before I go offshore.  Things are hard enough out there without troubleshooting...

Thanks all.


5/31/2019 1:41 pm  #7

Re: Clearing YB boats database

The links all seem to be available at http://yb.tl/links/corw2019


6/01/2019 4:45 am  #8

Re: Clearing YB boats database

Thank you, Nick.  On top of it, as always.

I've seen that page before, but I've never found it by surfing there or searching for it.  For Pacific Cup years ago, the OA  gave out that address, but I've never received that for another race.  I'll keep the format, and maybe I can find similar pages for other races. 

Thanks again.


10/08/2019 6:48 am  #9

Re: Clearing YB boats database


I have just worked this out.  (Seemed I was asleep when the MDB > XML changes took place.)

Much as I'm all for improvement though, I must admit, I do like the Access database.  It gives me the ability to manipulate the boat data prior to use.  Using the macros and queries, I can quite easily import boat lists (say from event entry lists, or Handicap System database), thus ensuring I have the latest TCF, sail numbers and boat names, etc...

The Legacy MDB import worked well.  It would be nice if this feature was preserved in some way, so us ludddites can continue to use the power of MS Access....

Here's hoping....


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10/08/2019 11:57 am  #10

Re: Clearing YB boats database

Yes, Access is/was very nice for doing this. The problem is support for a 64 bit version of Exp is problematical. It can be done, but there are complication with MS Office versions installed.

The sail tests etc need to be in a database of some sort, but I haven't quite decided on the way forward for that part.


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