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1/26/2016 1:37 pm  #1


Is it possible to install a C-Map from the orange SD card into Expedition on the laptop?
Can it be done with a USB SD-card reader?
Does the SD card have to remain plugged into the laptop for the whole voyage?  or can I simply install the C-Map into Expedition, and then stick the card back into the GPS, where I got it from?


1/26/2016 6:28 pm  #2

Re: C-Maps

​The C-map card reader is required to read C-map charts on SD cards. The card reader is used to stop people copying SD cards.
Unfortunately, this means it will only work with the card in the SD reader.


1/26/2016 6:59 pm  #3

Re: C-Maps

Okay.  Great.  Will any USB C-Map card reader do?  Or do I need a special C-Map card reader?  If so, any idea where I can get one on the West Coast USA?

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1/26/2016 7:04 pm  #4

Re: C-Maps

I meant to say, will any USB SD Card reader do the trick, or do I need a special C-Map card reader?

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1/26/2016 8:14 pm  #5

Re: C-Maps

It has to be the C-Map reader. Very few people use this option though as the CD charts are a better option.
In the US, charts are free from NOAA though.


1/26/2016 8:26 pm  #6

Re: C-Maps

Thanks Nick.  Got it.  This is for the the Puerto Vallarta race, San Diego to PV Mexico.  NOAA charts stop at the border. We have an extra C-Map card.  But sounds like purchasing the C-Map DVD is the better option.

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4/05/2016 12:32 am  #7

Re: C-Maps


I as well have a C-map card laying around, and figured that getting the card reader would suffice. However, and local vendor told me yesterday that they are out of stock, and C-Map have stopped making them.

So, my question is:
What is the *easiest* way to get C-map maps into expedition? I understand that I might be out of luck with the card I have without the reader, but I'm interested in alternative ways as well.


4/05/2016 5:34 pm  #8

Re: C-Maps

Hello, I didn't know that but it doesn't surprise me.
 ​Either MAX on CD from your local reseller or the 4D charts.


4/13/2016 11:10 am  #9

Re: C-Maps


For me, the simplest way ended up in the following (on a laptop without a cd-rom):
 - Email CMap support to get a download link to their CDs (tip from my local reseller).
 - Did the download, mounted the downloaded CD image as a virtual drive (can be done in windows 7 at least) and installed the software on the downloaded CD image.
  - And finally selected the chart I wanted, bought it through the program, etc - just as I imagine it would work through having the normal physical CD.

Probably obvious for many, but it wasn't for me


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