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General Discussion » Great Lakes Surface Analysis and Forcast » Today 1:03 pm

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Yes, it doesn't yet support rotated images.

General Discussion » Great Lakes Surface Analysis and Forcast » Today 12:30 pm

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NOAA does not (at least as far as i know) distribute weatherfax for the great lakes

but those for the NW Atlantic - from the boston office - do cover the great lakes.

Right now in expedition, the only surface analysis available from that office is the prelininary surface analysis - which doesn't cover as much of the GL as the actual surface analysis - 0Z and 12Z - do

they should probably be added... but they need to be rotated, so maybe that's why they are not there


is there some specific surface analysis or surface forecast for the great lakes that you like?

General Discussion » Great Lakes Surface Analysis and Forcast » Today 11:53 am

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Weather Data/My Image/NOAA Fax dropdown has information for Atlantic and Pacific oceans (which is awesome.)

Any chance you could include current Surface Analysis and 24/48 hour predictions for the Great Lakes as well?

General Discussion » Webinar series » Today 10:25 am

Hello fellow Expedition users.

With most of the planet under house arrest I figured this would be a good time to run some webinars.

Please get more information via the link below.



General Discussion » Displaying Bouy Data » Yesterday 3:55 pm

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Ernie you nailed it! Thanks everyone.

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