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Networking Issues » Wireless boat network » Today 6:40 am

The most common product on race boats these days is the Ubiquiti M2 bullet, fully configurable, robust, very powerful.  It is however not a 'consumer friendly' unit as it is designed for IT professional use so unless you are familiar with the basics of configuring wireless networks etc it might be worth avoiding.

Technical Q&A » Compass Readings > 9000 » Today 6:35 am

Seems strange, worth dropping an email to info@expeditionmarine.com with a copy of the polar, the grib file, description of the settings, mark locations etc to have a look.

What version is this? Updated in 2020 for the latest magnetic model?

Software Releases » V11 Release notes » Today 5:30 am

Ernie M
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[url=https://www.expeditionmarine.com/Support/Version HistoryCheers,Ernie]https://www.expeditionmarine.com/
Support/Version History


Technical Q&A » Compass Readings > 9000 » Today 5:10 am

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A friend sent me a screen shot of an optimization.
TwdM, Set Drift etc..  all had readings > 9000

Any idea what would cause this?

Software Releases » V11 Release notes » Today 4:02 am

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Anybody know where one might find the V11 release notes? 
Love the regular updates but especially for full numbered releases I'd love to review new features! 


Technical Q&A » Another XDR via BMP280 issue » Yesterday 10:10 pm

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Yes, you need the \r\n - it is part of the NMEA specification.

I tested the sentence above and Exp receives it ok.

In the Expedition instrument settings, have you told it to receive XDR sentences? Go to the connection page where you selected NMEA 0183 as the instrument type, click the Settings button etc ...

Technical Q&A » Another XDR via BMP280 issue » Yesterday 9:45 pm

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I've been trying to get Expedition to accept my XDR nmea sentences generated via a BMP280 and python.
The nmea sentence I send is as follows, though I've tried many versions.


I've read through the XDR related questions in the forum but have not managed to get it to work.
I've tried NKE and nmea0183 as the 'interpreters'.

This is a tcp client connection to a python based server. pPynmea2 does the checksum calculation.

I have noticed in the raw-data output that expedition does not write each iteration to a newline.
Here is what a few seconds of exported data looks like.


I've tried attaching "\n" and "\r\n" to the string before its encoded for transport but it did not work.
opencpn, navionics and the odd nmea reader for android/iphone have had no issue receiving nmea strings from the python server. All writing to a newline (if this makes any difference).

This expedition laptop is the only device I've touched running windows, so there may be something in that

I'm a little stumped.

Networking Issues » Wireless boat network » Yesterday 7:07 pm

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Nick, For now we will be running Remote Desktop with the expedition screen from the laptop. I used to turn the laptop into a hotspot and use that as WiFi network  but the connection wasn’t stable enough to work a 100%

Networking Issues » Wireless boat network » Yesterday 4:13 pm

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Are you running other software on the iPad or do you want to see the Expedition screen on it?

Software Releases » V11 licence key gone » Yesterday 12:25 pm

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If purchased after that, there is no upgrade charge.

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