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5/23/2023 3:46 am  #1

Following the active route

Since this topic is not on the forum it seems it might be obvious, but here goes:
I am able to create optimized routes and make them active - so far so good. But having done so, and about to start the route - how do I tell Expedition that I am actually starting to follow the route - and hence for the number boxes to start displaying information about the next mark etc. ? I have not been using the starting line function, and I have assumed that this is not required? Also, for some reason, it seems that my laylines are displayed in reverse (hence at +/-150 deg rather than +/- 30 deg). 


5/23/2023 12:18 pm  #2

Re: Following the active route

You don't tell Expedition to follow the route, it is up to you to set marks at where you want to be in the future.

Your laylines will be displayed relative to the currently active mark - if the TWA to the mark <90 then will show upwind laylines, if >90 then downwind.

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5/24/2023 6:22 am  #3

Re: Following the active route

Could you please be a bit more specific as to how I start navigating to the route ? I have of course set up marks where I want to be in the future (hence the active route), but how do I tell Expedition that I want to go to the first mark in the route and start following it?

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5/24/2023 7:00 am  #4

Re: Following the active route

You set the first mark as active.

Select the mark in the mark dialog box in the route list and click the make active button.

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