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1/07/2023 3:37 am  #1

What are best options for replacing GoFree WIFI-1

Navico/B&G has discontinued the GoFree wifi access point. What have people used for websocket connection and VentusPro?

(The Zeus3 hotspot works, but does not uniformly reach all spots on deck—and a J121 is not that big of a boat! Other stuff in the instrument cabinet may be creating interference or the cool-looking carbon fiber panel may be blocking some of the wifi signal.)

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1/08/2023 3:26 pm  #2

Re: What are best options for replacing GoFree WIFI-1

I run a Ubiquiti Bullet upstairs inside our pedestal.  Powered by PoE.  And a separate access point downstairs.  Different access point names and the Bullet passes through DHCP assignments etc.


1/09/2023 4:05 am  #3

Re: What are best options for replacing GoFree WIFI-1

On the 111 I got a reasonably industrial WiFi/mobile dual Sim router and mounted it in a safe place. It has ethernet to the H5000 and the Zeus3. It runs the DHCP and has a WIFI that reaches everywhere on the boat due to some good antennas and placement.


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