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8/11/2022 5:26 am  #1

Is an asymmetric VMC calculation possible?

Scenario:  Offshore distance race.  On starboard downwind, the wave set is such that the helmsman has a hard time maximizing polar boatspeed.  But on port, the helmsman is ripping down waves, with 15% higher average polar boatspeed.  In a static symmetrical polar environment, the favored VMC course might be calling for a starboard jibe.  But intuitively we know in this asymmetrical situation, if port is un-favored by just a few degrees the large increase in boatspeed compensates for the less favored course.

I understand we can tick the box for asymmetric port and starboard polar numbers for use when calculating optimal routes.  But, Is it possible to use asymmetric polar values for calculating live VMC calculations? 



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