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6/25/2022 5:17 am  #1

IridiumGo and Airmail WX grib downloads

Here's my notes as we found ours to work going to Bermuda.  Once we got used to it , it worked quite well for us.It did not help with our private 'parking lot. :-((

Airmail/Saildocs WX downloads with IridiumGoBox desired WX area in normal fashion and select model using WXData>SaildocsClick 'Airmail' not 'get grib file'
Open Airmail select the email that was just created and stage request with mailbox iconExit Airmail (I don't know why)
Open Airmail click the green circleWait and mail will go
Wait a bit more and reply will come back (or leave and come back later)
Save attached Grib file in a created  Program.data/Expedition file called TempEM (use your own initials)
In Exp Sail>Tracking>Import select latest grib file from TempEM and import it into Program.data/Expedition/grib

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