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6/06/2022 5:19 am  #1

C-Map Download

Is anyone else having issues downgliding C-Map? I have updated my browser (chrome) as suggested and also tried edge. both are telling me that I am not connected to the C-Map Server and to try to reconnect to the internet. My internet seems to be working just fie.


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6/12/2022 7:53 am  #2

Re: C-Map Download

Yes. There appears to be a payment processing problem, at least from the UK. To add charts or update them, I have had to go through customer services twice now. Once you get hold of the C-Map team they are helpful but I could not raise them in time to add a chart of the Netherlands before my last race (North Sea) so that made life a bit difficult. There are other threads about this.


6/12/2022 10:06 pm  #3

Re: C-Map Download

Do they still have these problems?  I tried to update a map an purchase  a new map almost a year ago and then these problems were already there.  The process to go through to just update a map is an absolute mess at C-map.


6/12/2022 11:05 pm  #4

Re: C-Map Download

I too had great difficulties. Only deleting the charts from my computer, quite counterintuitive, would bring up the new charts in the system. If you want to buy charts, or update an SD for your plotter, go to http://gofreeshop.com/, and not the 'old' Cmap site.


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