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5/29/2022 9:05 pm  #1

Remote Desktop vs Second Expedition Install

It seems that the recommended setup is to have a laptop down below and a tablet on the deck, using Remote Desktop to connect to the laptop down below.

I’ve been using a tablet running Window 10 (now 11) as the sole computer, with Expedition running on it directly.  This setup has generally worked well for me as I’m usually sailing shorthanded.  I do see some advantages of having a hardwired computer down below, particularly with regards to capturing log data.  However, I also like having Expedition running natively on the deck tablet.

Is there any reason not to have two installations of Expedition running at once, e.g., one down below capturing log data and the other being the deck tablet?  My understanding is the Expedition license should cover two computers.  I know that may not apply to my chart licenses, but that doesn’t matter to me as the one computer would just be for capturing the log data. If I want to go this route are the any other considerations I should have in mind?


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5/30/2022 12:31 pm  #2

Re: Remote Desktop vs Second Expedition Install

I will be interested to hear peoples thoughts on this. 
I run a computer downstairs and a tablet with a second install on deck. 

A issue that I have run into is that the computer downstairs wont log the active mark (unless you have auto mark advance on and even then it might not advance correctly). I am also guessing it wont log any sail changes.

I got caught out with this when I imported the log file into race replay and relised that the log file didnt have any marks in this. Took me a while to click why there were no marks in the log file. 

My Solution for the next event was going to be to just use the log file off the tablet. 


5/30/2022 3:39 pm  #3

Re: Remote Desktop vs Second Expedition Install

Thanks, Stroppy.  Those are a couple of things I hadn’t thought about.  If I end up having to use the tablet for logs, it largely defeats the purpose of having a computer below (at least for me).

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