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1/01/2022 9:46 am  #1

Expedition and the new Solid-state Sensor Enabled Autopilots

Howdy --

We are convinced that the new generation of autopilots that incorporate solid-state magnetometers and solid-state roll, pitch, and yaw sensors should be a game-changer for many reasons (motion compensated wind data and helm-correction anticipation via roll sensing for example).  But, which system is adequate to get the best optimization from Expedition, and offer overall adequate performance?  For our situation I've reduced the choice to a binary one: 

1) RayMarine Evolution or
2)  the B&G H5000 Hydra (software upgrade to Hercules level possible)

Our ocean boat is a Wauquiez Centurion 42, and we have, currently, an all RayMarine instrument package (wind, speedo, SPX30 AP, AIS 650, RS130 GPS arch mounted, nav and helm MFDs).  We do a lot of short-handed sailing, including long-distance ocean races (Pacific Cup, etc.) and cruising.  We use a lot of the Expedition features even while cruising.  We confess to being old, unreformed, competitive, one-design, buoy racers (Express 27, etc.)-- we like performance, but also comfort on the ocean :-).  Our ocean racing is NOT on the level of, say, a Santa Cruz 50 or TP52 program.... We are also kinda techie (physicist).

Choice 1) would be the easiest, however, I am very skeptical of their claims that their 'artificial intelligence' secret sauce is smart enough to deliver adequate performance-- you can not make meaningful adjustments to independent feedback parameters.  Choice 2) the B&G systems offer better direct access to feedback parameters, which leads us to the conclusion that it probably offers better overall performance, at greater $$$ and likely effort expense.

So, my questions for this group:

A.  Has anyone used the RayMarine Evolution AP with Expedition?   Or otherwise have any experience with its performance in gnarly sea-states?

B.  With RayMarine, Do you believe that you are able to get 'optimum enough' performance (how close are you able to sail to your polars, and can you successfully update/correct them adequately, etc.?). 

C.  How well (or poorly) does the RM Evolution system do in surfing conditions?  (yes, the Centurion will surf in big enough conditions).

D.  What drawbacks do you see with the RM Evolution AP?

E.  If you are a B&G H5000 user with Expedition, do you see much better wind-data correction with their 3D motion module?

F.  If you are a B&G H5000 user do you think that you get really good performance from the system?  What drawbacks to you see for the system?

I realize that my questions are not all Expedition specific, and 'adequate performance' is obviously subjective, but this forum seems to have many performance and tech-oriented users, so y'all are probably a reliable source of information :-), and I'd really appreciate your feedback.



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