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5/17/2021 7:06 am  #1

Getting started ..


I'm new to ModelAccuracy and just trying to do a first analysis. Things I noticed in v1.5
- Clicking on the (?) as described in the how to does not have any effect
- Analysis sources always shows "select logs / models" even though I already selected a log / model (or all)
- I cannot manually change start / end times. It always jumps back to the previous data when clicking outside the textbox


5/31/2021 5:12 am  #2

Re: Getting started ..

voodoomatz! I am so sorry to have not seen this post immediately! I will update my settings so any reply arrives to me right away. 

- regarding the ? button, you are correct! Thank you for bringing that to my attention and we will update in the next release! I am so sorry I missed that in my testing review. 
- regarding the select logs and models function, you are also correct. It would be handy if what you selected stayed selected in the top of those boxes, so we will adjust that right away as well. 
- not being able to manually change the start and end times is unusual to me - are you trying to change the end times before or after you have a set of logs and gribs? or are you making your window of analysis closer together and inside the earliest and latest time available? If you are having trouble moving the end times around inside the maximum window of time thats and issue and lets hop on a zoom call to get it sorted so I can see it first hand, and report back to our programming team!

Thank you so much for your time and interest in making our software better. This was made by navigators FOR navigators to help you understand which source of weather to always trust the most.... and why!

we are lucky to have your feedback and again I apologize for the delay!

Model Accuracy Support


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