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4/19/2021 2:53 am  #1

Ventus Pro crashing...

Ventus Pro was non-operational for me this weekend.

I tried both my phone and iPad but both would run and get data from Exp but crash after 2 to 5 seconds.
Exp was 11.8.10 broadcasting over UDP -- I could see the coms happening by hitting the targets button in Ventus but then very quickly it would crash.



5/05/2021 6:31 am  #2

Re: Ventus Pro crashing...

I have had very inconsistent luck with ventus

mostly it's been connection issues, not the app actually closing

I had basically stopped using it.., but this weekend i tried it again, and it mostly worked. This was on an iphone with the latest ios version.


5/05/2021 7:09 am  #3

Re: Ventus Pro crashing...

It worked OK for me last weekend. -- It has been hit or miss though. :-(

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