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12/20/2020 4:14 am  #1

NMEA Data! - Model Accuracy can now support all NMEA data files!

A very BIG jump for data compatibility! 
        Model Accuracy can now handle NMEA data! This is in addition to the Adrena, Expedition, and NOAA buoy data formats already supported by Model Accuracy! This offers a new expansion of wind instrument capability and now allows logged wind data to work without having offshore sailing software as their interface requirement. This new NMEA data functionality will be helpful for the following types of instruments:

  • custom weather buoys (These can be found on America's Cup, SailGP, and even some Olympic venue buoys)
  • Coachboat instruments - some Olympic and top tier professional coach boats have wind instruments on board that store data without the use of Expedition or Adrena. Our new NMEA functionality allows the user to use that captured NMEA data and create data comparisons of weather forecast GRIB files vs log files from that NMEA data!
  • Race Committee wind instruments - race committee boats that capture NMEA data via their wind instruments can now use this format capability to reflect on the analysis of the day's forecast to really understand which forecast was the most accurate and why! 

 Here are a list some more improvements found in the latest version:

  • Prepared UI for importing of NMEA data.

    • Helps make sure the new log file in the NMEA format can be easily mapped

  • Improved reporting during upgrades.
  • Modifications to enable command line usage. 

    • This is for the those who really want to dive into extra level analysis and reporting

  • Improved progress reporting in UI.

    • This helps with understanding how the analysis computation is being completed

  • Added support for ECMWF GRIBs.

    • VERY critical for the latest EC grib "situation" on re-analysis, ect....

    Various incremental improvements.

    • We are always improving! let us know how we can help!

  • Increased maximum number of GRIB steps from 1000 to 10000
  • Clean up of internal data files (to save user disk space)

Give us a download and free trial at https://www.modelaccuracy.com/download



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