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12/20/2020 3:46 am  #1

Version 1.400 update!

Latest version 1.400      New Error Plots and Model Accuracy % Plots!
      Model Accuracy now has new graphical plots for understanding the actual True Wind Speed and True Wind Direction errors. The plots highlight the exact differences for over/under the True Wind Speed forecast or left/right of the True Wind Direction forecast. 
      Also, we simplified the way Model Accuracy evaluates the overall error for each GRIB file making it easier to understand. A simple 0-100% accuracy score is computed for each GRIB file source. The higher the score the better, it's that simple!
       You can also now select what plots you want computed before you begin your analysis. 

List of version 1.400 improvements:

  • Changed overall result from "MA Error" (in psuedo-knots) to "MA Accuracy" (a percentage).
  • Added plotting of TWS error, TWD error, and MA Accuracy.
  • Updated user-interface to provide control over what gets plotted.
  • Improved plotting layout.
  • Fixed scrolling in information window.
  • Various incremental improvements.



12/20/2020 3:47 am  #2

Re: Version 1.400 update!

Download 1.400 Version of Model Accuracy today!

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