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4/16/2016 12:10 am  #1

Suggestion for new features

I installed Ventus and it's working great!
But as it always goes: new users have new requirements!  ;-)    So here are some suggestions:

- Display Exp alarns in Ventus (e.g. AIS, depth etc)
- Be able to 'enable/disable' pages (both standard and custom pages).  This way you can avoid having to scroll through pages which are not in use when clicking the next/previous buttons.  Also, after the start of a race (or when cruising) you can disable the standard 'Start' pages of Ventus (which by then make little sense anymore).
My suggestion would be to have a enable/disable toggle switch at the configuration page.
- Be able to set Exp stripchart wands and flags from within Ventus. Especially when sailing short handed it can be very useful to be able to set wands/flags from ondeck when e.g. experimenting with different sail trim settings.



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