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6/18/2020 6:08 am  #1


Newby. Are strip charts saved automatically in daily logs or do you save the file manually? Just fired up Expedition on the boat (Raymarine and Actisence NGT-1, got speed, depth, wind and course. Then next day turned on calculations and then BAM WOW!! all the numbers showed up) and sailing today with new sails. Looking to catch what boat is doing with each sail I try.  Thanks, I get to play with my new science project today!!!!!!!!   Have set up my variables on the strip chart and they are flowing, Oh yeahhhhhh!!!!!!  


6/18/2020 1:25 pm  #2

Re: Strip CHARTS

A strip chart is a graphic representation of either historical or current log data.  You don't save the graphic, but you do save various stripchart "sets" with different variables (e.g weather.str,  including variables like TWS, TWD, temperature, barometer, set, drift).  When you load that stripchart you see those variables graphed.  Change to e.g. Calib.str (AWA, TWA, BSP, SOG etc) you see different variables graphed.  You develop your own set of stripcharts that suit your own situation and eyesight. 


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