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12/27/2019 2:34 pm  #11

Re: Historical Grib data

jweisbaum wrote:

Also, if you find this technique helpful, consider sharing your script on GitHub. That way everyone can benefit and we can build a database of scripts for sailors to convert reanalysis into a useful format for Expedition.

I will do!

Your weather tools Docker container looks extremely handy btw. I'll try it out tomorrow.


12/27/2019 3:03 pm  #12

Re: Historical Grib data

Nick wrote:

You can also ask for Grib options to be added. At present, Exp supports lat-lon (equirectangular & thinned), Lambert, Polar Stereographic, Gaussian and the fields you see in the settings interface.

Acceptable fields and levels are contained in internal look-up tables. Some of these are allocated priorities. For example, Exp can use surface winds as 10m winds for routing as some services mis-code them that way. 

At the moment I'm most interested in exploring the usefulness (or not) of the Benjamin-Feir Index field to race routing. This field is produced as part of ECMWF's ocean wave model, and is apparently used by commercial ship routers to avoid conditions in which rogue waves are thought to be more likely.

I suppose for my investigations I could scale the BFI values (0 to 1) to look like significant wave heights (e.g. multiply by 10) and then use the avoid SWH > x option.



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