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9/07/2019 6:37 pm  #11

Re: importo course (not heading) into KND Race Reply

Something else occurred to me this morning.  Does your yacht have a heel sensor and does it output numbers?  No Heel sensor = No calculation of Leeway in your system.


9/08/2019 4:41 am  #12

Re: importo course (not heading) into KND Race Reply

Dear Duncan,
obviously I have a heel sensor, else I do not have a way to calculate the leeway.. I've set up all the Expedtion to calculate the leeway form the heel sensor and seems to work properly.
Basically, if I have a system well configured, in absence of current, Course shall match CoG. and a delta course on a tack shall match polar. while, if you don't have leeway, with a delta heading you do nothing.
Said that, seems that on RR Pro, I can only read course, not leeway directly, and on the Expedition log, I cannot put the course, but only heading and leeway., Except by manually modifying the log, i'm stuck.
thanks both for your help

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