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5/19/2019 9:33 am  #1


Version 1.102 has been released! v1.102

  • Fixed locale to US, to avoid problems with differet number formats (thanks to Clement Bourgeois for his help tracking that down).
  • NOAA buoy data fetched for last 45 days (up from 5 days in 1.101).
  • Improved handling of cases where the log and GRIB data don't match well, e.g., they don't even overlap.
  • Change handling of NOAA data to never delete, but to archive old data that is not contiguous with new data.
  • Message window has Clear and Dismiss buttons
  • Various bug fixes.


Also be sure to check out the latest custom weather websites for Around Block Island Race! We added a new custom SAILDOCS grib file subscription template to make it even easier to get grib files while underway!



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