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12/26/2018 1:08 pm  #1

Problem finding Ventus Pro Ap for I-Pad2

I am setting up an older I-Pad2 (iOS 10.3.3), and I cannot find Ventus Nav Pro on the App Store.  I have purchased Ventus Pro, and use it on another I-Pad2, but I am not able to find it with the I-Pad I am setting up.  Is the current version of Ventus no longer supported by older I-Pads?  Is there any way to get the same Ventus version I am currently using on the initial I-pad2, loaded onto the I-Pad2 that I am currently setting up?  Can anyone help a confused soul?


12/27/2018 2:43 pm  #2

Re: Problem finding Ventus Pro Ap for I-Pad2

Ventus PRO should run on any Apple device using iOS 8 or later. When you go to the App store you need to click on iPhone apps and download it from there.



12/27/2018 3:02 pm  #3

Re: Problem finding Ventus Pro Ap for I-Pad2

Thanks Harry.  Your suggestion worked.  I don't remember needing to select I-Phone Aps in the past, but it worked and I have down loaded it onto the I-Pad. You have made my day.  Thanks Santa!

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