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2/12/2016 11:50 am  #1


Since upgrading to 10.2.17 when I try to optimize a route with a Mark checked 'round mark to stbd"
I get a "!Bad Course  The isochronal algorithm cannot leave marks to port or starboard"

Should I go in and edit my marks or is this a glitch?

Thank you


2/12/2016 8:55 pm  #2

Re: 10.2.17

Happy for others to jump in, but you never have been able to specify a mark rounding with isochronal optimisation - for that you use grib-based optimisation.  Isochronal, as I understand it, on works when you sail to the next mark i.e. for single legs. I suspect what you are seeing is a new error message.


2/13/2016 12:34 pm  #3

Re: 10.2.17

Thank you, while that wasn't the exact problem, you were exactly right about  isochronal optimization.
I turned off the 'round on stbd' markers on Kitchen and Mills (BDA) but as you said Iso wasn't for multi mark courses so it still didn't work
Then I noticed the check boxes on the optimal tab.  I've never used it before so I was surprised to see Iso checked.  When I did the upgrade to 10.2.17 although most everything on my program stayed as it was before the up grade, the iso/grid switch changed One new learning for me.

After switching the switch to Grid it still wouldn't optimize, turns out I had to turn ON the rounding side again to avoid a race note of the BDA shoals.  Learning # 2

In amongst all this 'schoolin' I discovered that my weather model was running out of time (NPT-BDA) using the GFS Ens Con model. Then I discovered that under 10.2.17 the NOAA drop down defaults at 72 hours, my older version ran up to 132 hours or more.  So the new default will help in download time but for BDA sing the entire route I have to remember to change the box of "days" to 4 or 5 to get enough time for the boat to run the course. Once you know this the 4 part Notice warning (fcst doesn't cover, Range filters, Race notes, land mask)  makes sense. Learning #3

I had my Polar set to 95%, by bumping it up to 120%I could get in before the 72 hours ran out...if life could only be that easy!!  72 hour runs to Bermuda don't come often, for me at least!

So Thanks again, I now have 10.2.17 up and working

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2/13/2016 10:41 pm  #4

Re: 10.2.17

We've all done it ..... I reckon it takes 2 years to work out the variables that stop an optimisation working.
My favourite is to take the ship's computer home after a race, try to run the next optimisation at home, and have it fail because at sea the "Optimise from current positio" button is ticked .... dohhhh ....  (I always do parallel runs before a race on 2 separate computers, the advantage of fibre compared to mobile)


2/15/2016 3:04 am  #5

Re: 10.2.17

And I see Nick has cunningly doubled the number of Weather Settings in this version - or maybe it is the first time I looked!
Looks great on A Big Screen .... not so appealing on a simple ruggedised laptop with a palette of about 8 colours!


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